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>>Architecting and Designing Java, MicroProfile and Jakarta EE Applications

This live, virtual, and interactive workshop provides you the knowledge and skills to create pragmatic MicroProfile and Jakarta EE architectures. We will start with the architectures, then cover the design and internal application's structure, discuss patterns, and explore the pros and cons of different architectural styles.

We will create the perfect greenfield architectures for environments like e.g. bare metal, virtualization, containers, kubernetes (clouds) and serverless. Then we will vary the non-functional requirements and discuss the impact on architecture and design.

Attendee's questions, often taken from real-world projects, are used to map the theory to practical challenges.

"In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice; but in practice, there is."

I will often use prepared code snippets and projects to illustrate the concepts. Also: this workshop was always one of the most interactive workshops ever. Heated discussions with the audience is "business as usual" :-).

This is one of the few workshops with larger amount of slides. is hard to explain architectures with code written "from scratch".

Attendee's questions, often taken from real-world projects, are used to map the theory to practical challenges.

Learn once, never migrate (...and over engineer) #usetheplatform


150€ + VAT


interactive, online workshop with desktop sharing, real time github commits, voice and video chat in dolby sound quality

mode of operation

I will answer attendee's questions interactively and explain as many concepts as possible. Every significant step or note (e.g., web reference, concept) will result in a commit.

Warning: expect some prepared slides. Only a few examples are going to be created "from scratch". Nonentheless I will try to explain the principles as close to the metal as possible. is a highly interactive workshop; the contents of the workshop are going to be mainly driven by attendees' questions and ideas.

Although are virtual online workshops, the main idea is identical to the workshops at Munich's Airport:

  1. Attendees and interactions over printed materials
  2. Working software (developed from scratch) over prepared examples
  3. Responding to questions over following a plan
slightly inspired by: agilemanifesto

You will get a certificate of completion as PDF or printed